Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs

Butser North & North East


A steep slope with faces towards North and Northeast. Works well in both ridge and thermal lift. On the North slope, turbulence can be generated from the lower central tree lined bowl in strong winds and the Northeasterly slope can be shadowed by Pillow Mound in winds over 14 mph with no tolerance of any easterly strength. Good height gains have been enjoyed by paragliders, but down wind cross country is limited by proximity of coast, from which sea breezes can kill flying by mid afternoon.


From the duty car park carry across the top of the hill to the N.E. face, crossing the fence at the hill crown by one of the two styles, and then, by the stile over the fence that cuts across the spur.

OS Map

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Location LAT/LNG

50.982432 / -0.984162

Grid Reference

SU 715 207 SHEET: 197

What 3 Words

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HG Pilot Requirements

CP+10 unless by prior agreement with a coach

PG Pilot Requirements

CP+10 unless by prior agreement with a coach

Wind Direction

340 to 055 degrees



250m (820ft)

Top To Bottom

143m (469ft)

Site Contact

Park Centre 023 92595040 Bottom landing B2 & B3, Harroway farm, East Meon B1 (rake meadow) is within the park and always open


Site Rules

  1. Daily the first person on site checks availability of bottom landing fields B2 and/or B3.
  2. Cross the fence by the style only, even if it means a walk.
  3. This is a small site and easily overcrowded. Capacity is max. 2 hang gliders or 4 paragliders dependant upon conditions. It may be necessary to invoke the half hour rule.


Power lines cross several of the fields at the bottom. Rake Bottom must be avoided as severe turbulence can be generated in all conditions.The area behind the wooded bowl (immediately in front of North take-off) can generate sever turbulence extending to over 100 ft above those trees and over halfway back to the fence.
Some paragliders have been bitten so be warned!Only cross this bowl well back up the slope or with more than 150 ft above those trees. Turbulence is also generated from the tree line at the bottom of the slope


Back up the slope from the respective take-off.


Take off from behind the barbed wire fence that runs around the hill. For the North face this is next to the small grassy mounds.

For the North East face, there are several launchable areas - pick the spot with the shortest grass that is clear of bushes.


Both bottom landing fields B2 and B3 are usually in crop and should be checked out with the farmer before use.
If in doubt use B1 (Rake Meadow) which is always available but this has a fence across the middle which makes it very difficult for Hang-gliders. Paragliders must set up an approach high enough to clear the turbulence which should be expected from the bottom tree line.Retreival by car is north up A3(M), west along then left into Buriton Lane. Side landing for paraglides is possible, but some parts of the slope are extremely steep and subject to rotor from the trees in the wooded bowl.Top Landing, North Slope; for hang-gliders is the lower west spur.
Top Landing, Northeast Slope for Hang-gliders is on the main area to the East but beware of the influence of Pillow Mound. Paragliders can safely undertake front shoulder, and top landings, but beware of possibilities of being dragged back towards Rake Bottom in strong winds when crest compression can be extreme.


A congested site used also by walkers and aeromodellers. Easily overcrowded and demanding of consideration by all. On a busy day it may require early implementation of the Half Hour Rule.

Cross Counry

Cross country from Butser North is difficult but not impossible.

Thermals develop in front of the spur to the west of takeoff. On a thermic day you can gain height by pushing forward from the spur. The ridge is small and making a 360 requires commitment, but it is possible to follow these thermals back over the hill.