Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs

Paragliding Challenges, Leagues and Competitions

Each year the club awards a number of prizes for paragliding achievements.

These are:

    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the PG XC league
    • Most improved pilot
    • Novice XC
    • The rooster award (for those dodgy tree landings etc!).
      Not sure if you could really call it a “competition” for the rooster award, though some of the exploits of our pilots sometimes might lead you to think they were trying as hard as possible to “win” it!

Paragliding XC League

Current XC league table

Entry into the Sky Surfing Club paragliding XC leagues is via the National XC league. Club members do not have to pay for this service as long as Sky Surfing Club is your registered club. Registration will be required in order to use this service. For a full set of rules, visit the XC League rules page. NB Turn point flights will require a 3D GPS log.
Only current SSC members are eligible. There must be at least one flight from an SSC site or from a BCC round for a pilot to be eligible for the club’s awards.


There is a very friendly competition that is actually more like a group outing, called the British Club Challenge BCC. Sky Surfing Club takes part in the BCC and encourages this in new as well as established members. The benefit of flying in the BCC is having fun, meeting new people and enjoying new sites. The ethos of this competition is to encourage pilots to improve their flying performances in a friendly and competitive environment and more importantly to gain experience and confidence from experienced pilots. Many people do their first cross country flights whilst at this competition and find this a good way to fly at new sites and a good introduction to bigger and different hills which aren’t available in Hampshire.

Summer Waypoint Competition

The summer waypoint competition runs from 02nd February to 31st October.

The idea is very simple: take off from any of our 8 sites (except meon shore), fly to as many of 28 waypoints as you can, returning to a take-off site before landing. All you need to participate is a wing, harness, helmet and a GPS capable of recording an ICG tracklog & visualizing waypoints (XC Track or Sky Fly High on a smartphone suffices).

The full rules & waypoints files can be found here https://sky.wpcomp.uk/rules.php

Winter Waypoint Competition

The winter waypoint competition runs from 01st November to 01st February.

The full rules & waypoints files can be found here http://skywinter.wpcomp.uk


Paragliding Tasks
To help gauge your progress on your XC flying from Skysurfers Club sites (which are not the easiest in the country to fly XC from!) we have drawn up a series of Paragliding XC goals For SSC members:

Level One
Butser West to Oxenbourne Bowl And Back
Mercury to Whitewool

Level Two
Butser North to Rowlands Castle
Whitewool to Droxford

Level Three
Butser to Mercury
Butser West to South Harting
Whitewool to Bishops Waltham Nb:- Edge Of Airspace !!

Level Four
Mercury to Bishops Waltham
Butser North to Selsey
Chalton to Mercury