Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs


The Sky Surfing Club committee meet regularly to discuss all club matters, ranging from site maintenance, competitions, pandemics, competitions, social gatherings, reserve repacks etc etc.

The committee is welcoming and transparent, and any member who wishes to attend a committee meeting is welcome to do so. We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you are interested in helping to run the club, please contact any sitting committee member (ensure they are sitting, because the shock may be too much otherwise!).

Current Committee Members

Role Name Phone Email
Chairman Jim Whitney 07999 695674 chairman@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Secretary Kieron Doick 07880 911409 secretary@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Membership Jan Henslow (Tips) 07889 914853 membership@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Treasurer Robin Houghton 07809 154353 treasurer@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Safety Steve Newcombe 07931 244051 safety@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Sites & PR Brian Parkins 07729 726160 sites@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Sites Assist Ranald Macaulay (RJ) 07503 733557 sitesassist@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Communications Martin Ayers 07456 208007 communications@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Social John Kirby 07850 377117 social@skysurfingclub.co.uk
PG Comps Justin Simmonds 07733 323411 pgcomps@skysurfingclub.co.uk
HG Comps Tim King 07973 706151 hgcomps@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Coaching Dave Harvey 07799 197345 coaching@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Powered Flight John Kirby 07850 377117 power@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Member Steph Cahill 07980 820475
Member Jon Howes 07799 377194