Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs

Reciprocal Agreements

Between Skysurfing Club and Wessex and the Isle of Wight. (As of 1st April 2017 NOT Thames Valley)

Such membership will provide flying and social benefits to full members of both clubs. Reciprocal membership will carry no voting rights and is not extended to temporary or associate members of either club.

It is expected that members of each club will have reciprocal rights to fly all the sites of the other. But for sensitive sites at times may be restricted. On these occasions the host club’s site guide and website would be marked “Full Members only” or “Full SSC members only”

Before flying, reciprocal members should be familiar with the relevant site guide and before each day’s flying are requested to either visit the host club’s website or speak to a ‘home’member to check for any current restrictions or recommendations.

When visiting a reciprocal site we ask pilots to introduce themselves to any home member in attendance and provide proof of membership if requested.

Each club’s magazine editor will send a copy to the reciprocal editor for the dissemination of information.

Each club secretary will send a copy of any appropiate blanket e-mail notification messages to the reciprocal secretary for forwarding to their members.

Each club’s website will have a direct link to the reciprocal club’s site.

This reciprocal agreement will be permanently displayed on each club’s website and made known to all members.

Site Notes

As far as the landowners allow us to, the Sky Surfing Club welcomes visiting pilots that are members of the BHPA. However we request that you contact our Sites and PR officer or any committee member for the latest information, and read the sites guide for the contact information and site rules before coming. Unfortunately, not all our sites are open to visitors.

Please see the Join The Club section of the website to download the membership form and read about full joining fee’s

Butser Hill – This site is only open to club members and members of clubs with whom we have a reciprocal agreement (Wessex and the Isle of Wight – See site guide)

Mercury – This site is only open to club members and members of clubs with whom we have a reciprocal agreement.

Chalton – Open site but please see site guide for pre flight procedures and shooting times.

Whitewool – (Paragliding only). This site is only open to SSC members and members of clubs with whom we have a reciprocal agreement

Harting Down –  Harting is strictly Members-Only, (no Reciprocals).