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Safety Notices

Gin Genie Lite 3



Safety notice for Woody Valley GTO light 2


During the first combination of a GTO light 2 with the reserve parachute, a dealer noticed the absence of a seam on the loop from the reserve parachute attachment in the shoulder area. One of the shoulder loops was not correctly sewn, but only pre-glued.
We call on all GTO-light-2 owners to check the reserve parachute attachment on their harness before the next flight. The harness must not be flown without this. The compartment is located in the back of the neck and is accessible via a zipper.
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What 3 words


Following the recent incident at Mercury we were advised by the Helicopter team that had What3words been used the helicopter would have got there quicker (they flew over the incident and on to Whitewool before returning to Mercury).
If you don’t already have What3words installed on your phone install it now and learn how to use it. It may save your or someone elses life.


Keep your glider in trim


Following an incident back in August we have identified that one of the contributory factors was that the wing the pilot was flying had not been serviced in 350 hours over 8 years of flying. It is very likely that the trimming and brake line lengths were out of certification.
Please, please, please get your kit regularly serviced.

When we are out of the Covid restrictions we are planning on running a workshop to help you check your own line lengths in between services. In the mean time keep safe.