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Welcome to the Sky Surfers Safety Page. Please use this section to obtain useful links regarding safety aspects and also to contact your club safety officer regarding any safety issues concerning Sky Surfer sites or any aspects of the club’s safety.
To contact me (Robert) please email me at safety@skysurfingclub.co.uk
Just a note to say that all issues raised here are in addition to those shown on the BHPA website safety area.

If an accident occurs and you have to call the emergency services you will be asked the location of the site. Emergency operators can use OS grid references or lat/lon coordinates:


Site Name Direction OS Grid Ref Latitude Longitude
Butser West W SU 712 203 50°58’35.50″N 0°59’17.36″W
Butser North N SU 715 207 50°58’56.91″N 0°59’21.07″W
Butser North East NE SU 715 207 50°58’53.16″N 0°58’57.51″W
Butser South S SU 718 198 50°58’12.59″N 0°58’55.46″W
Chalton E SU 734 151 50°55’47.16″N 0°57’15.32″W
Harting NNE SU 805 184 50°57’33.83″N 0°52’13.20″W
Meon Shore SW SU 528 026 50°49’14.00″N 1° 15’09.30″W
Mercury E SU 675 197 50°58’26.85″N 1° 2’19.08″W
Whitewool E SU 650 204 50°58’43.71″N 1° 4’31.71″W

For a cut out and keep card (same size as your sky surfers membership card) please download and print by clicking the attached artwork.

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