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An east facing hill overlooking a railway line with restricted top and bottom landing areas that make this more suited to Paragliders. The site is a walk up with limited roadside parking. There is no farmer imposed restrictions on numbers but is only available from February through September. Should provide cross country potential and being our most easterly Paragliding site enjoys therefore the greatest distance before airspace restrictions are encountered.



chalton BEST NEW

Grid Ref SU 734 151 Sheet 197
Height ASL 144m (472ft) Top to Bottom 250ft
Wind Direction 45 – 100 deg Best 90 deg
Pilot Grade CP
Contact Andrew and Trish Fisk, Heberdens Farm
Nearest Phone Chalton Village
ACCESS From the A3 turn off at signpost to Chalton. In village centre drive just past the Red Lion pub and park in the council car park. From there, walk over the road and past the church – follow this path through a kissing gate and into a large field. There are three footpaths. Take the MIDDLE of these over the field and through gap in the hedge. When you get to the slope, walk along the top to takeoff.
PARKING Park in the FREE public car park just past the Red Lion pub in the village of Chalton.
TAKE OFF As marked on the map. You need to find a spot and check for brambles.
LANDING Bottom landing field is available when not in crop. If in doubt ask at the farm.
HAZARDS Railway line immediately in front and forming the lower slope boundary.
Power lines to the south cutting across the hill.
  1. A  briefing is advisable from a pilot that has flown Chalton
  2. If bottom landing is closed then this site is not suiable for hang-gliders and paragliders
    must have minimum C.P. plus 10 hours.
  3. The site is closed from October through to January inclusive.
  4. There is no site fee, however please text RJ Macaulay (the site supervisor) with the numbers of people flown every time. I need this information for the farmer. 07503 733557
CONSIDER Pilots with less than C.P. plus 10 hours may find Whitewool or Mercury more suitable.


chalton pic 2 chalton pic 1

XC’s from Chalton

Chalton is further from airspace and is always uncrowded – you can more or less have the hill to yourself!

Leaving the hill

Thermals come up all over the slope though being fairly low you require a pretty committed climb to get away. Thermals frequently seem to leave the hill to the North and South ends of the slope.

First XC’s

Once you climb out you can head downwind over Clanfield and down into the corner of airspace. The flight shown below is 25km.

xc chalton


For the more adventurous

As with Whitewool and Mercury it is tempting to think that it may be possible to clear Southampton airspace to the north if the wind heads south while flying.

Site record

xc chalton record



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