Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs


  • Local Weather Station – this is in Clanfield and is right in the middle of our sites.
  • Download your updated sites guide here (same information as the website but laid out for printing).

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Site Name Direction OS Grid Ref Latitude Longitude
Butser West W SU 712 203 50°58’35.50″N 0°59’17.36″W
Butser North N SU 715 207 50°58’56.91″N 0°59’21.07″W
Butser North East NE SU 715 207 50°58’53.16″N 0°58’57.51″W
Butser South SSW SU 718 198 50°58’12.59″N 0°58’55.46″W
Chalton E SU 734 151 50°55’47.16″N 0°57’15.32″W
Harting NNE SU 805 184 50°57’33.83″N 0°52’13.20″W
Meon Shore SW SU 528 026 50°49’14.00″N 1° 15’09.30″W
Mercury E SU 675 197 50°58’26.85″N 1° 2’19.08″W
Whitewool E SU 650 204 50°58’43.71″N 1° 4’31.71″W


NOTE: Pilots must be members of the Sky Surfing Club or one of the clubs the SSC has a Reciprocal Agreement with. Visitors and guests are not permitted.
– Applies to all sites except Chalton.
– Harting and Meon Shore is strictly Members-Only, (no Reciprocals).

Click here for a Bing Maps site guide (OS maps available in the drop down menu).

Thanks to Peter Keepence for compiling the Bing Maps guide.

Site & Status



  • The site is closed From 1st October to the end of January
  • There is no site fee, but when you fly please text / message RJ Macaulay on 07503 733 557 with the numbers of people flying. This is required by the farmer.


  • Open: Members only, no reciprocals. Always check with the Farmer to confirm bottom landing availability


  • First person to check with both farms for flying and bottom landing availability


  • Paragliders only site
  • The site is closed From 1st October to the end of January

Meon Shore – This is now a club site as we take off in an ATZ. By having an agreement, people can continue to fly here. The Control tower has to be contacted so please read the agreement with care.

Wessex – Check the Wessex web site for Site and Contact details
Isle of Wight – Check the IoW web site for Site and Contact details

Read Reciprocal Agreement

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