Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club located in the Hampshire South Downs



A small north-west facing bowl and larger north facing slope. The ridge can only be accessed from the air.

Hang gliding is allowed, but the site is Probably not suitable for hang gliders due to the tree crossing required to access the main ridge.


Access is through the pedestrian gate. The gate is locked with a padlock, combination 6969. Please ensure the gate is chained and locked behind you, with the chain running below the latch so it cannot be lifted off.
Please do not leave the gate unlocked!


Park on the side of the South Downs way or in Butser Hill car park.  Do not park by the pedestrian gate into the bowl.


Location LAT/LNG

50.972201 / -0.992278

What 3 Words

exhales bulletins bonkers

PG Pilot Requirements


Wind Direction

265 to 360 degrees



250m (820ft)

Top To Bottom

75m (246ft)


Site Rules

Do not walk to the north facing ridge through the farmland.

No climbing fences - we have a gate installed into the bowl for launching.

No parking in front of the gate into the launch field.


The bank of trees between the bowl and the north facing ridge may be a challenge to cross in stronger wind. Ensure you have enough height to cross these before heading on to the main ridge.


Set up in the first field through the pedestrian gate. Do not proceed further into the farmland on foot.


We are only permitted to launch in the north west facing bowl. Do not walk further into the farmland to launch on the north facing slope, we are expressly prohibited from doing so.

You may relaunch from the north facing ridge only if you slope land there.


Slope landing anywhere in the bowl or the ridge, or bottom landing in the green strip between the two cropped fields.  Please pack up and walk out to the east, back into the bowl to relaunch.


This site is in full view of the landowner who has graciously allowed us to use the site again after a long hiatus. Please follow the rules!