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  • LOCAL WEATHER STATION – this is the weather station located at Clanfield just south of Butser. You can look at ‘actuals’ and a fantastic ‘history’ that shows trends.

Useful weather sites for the UK pilot:

  • XC Weather – The first quick check to see if the weather is good enough to investigate further.
  • RASP UK – The best website for pilots, wind and thermal predictions. See here for an excellent guide to RASP from Judith Mole’s website.
  • Synoptic Charts – Pressure charts showing the position of highs and lows. You can make your own weather predictions from these, see a quick guide from Rob Chisolm here.
  • Weatheronline – Excellent website for checking different weather models against each other. If they don’t at least sort of agree, the weathermen are just guessing!

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If you use Google Reader (excellent RSS reader) then you can find a bundle of paragliding and hang gliding blog links (many more than above) in one easy to subscribe to place here.

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