Clowes Brothers Everest Summit Talk 20th March 2013

On May 18th 2006, at 7.45am, Skysurfing Club members Tom and Ben Clowes became the first British brothers to summit Mount Everest together.

Now you get the chance to listen to Tom retell the awe-inspiring account of his epic Everest adventure. Ticket sales are in aid of Harting C.E. Primary School and are on sale now at Harting Stores, Harting Post Office and Harting School office. Flyer


Wednesday 20th March 2013 at 7.30pm

Harting C.E. Primary School, South Harting

£10 advance, £12 on the door

In aid of Harting C.E. Primary School

Box office enquiries : 01730 825 722 or

Skysurfing Club Prize Giving

An event not to be missed, the annual Skysurfing Club prize giving! Come and celebrate our members successes, tickets are just £5 and that includes a hot buffet and a presentation by a very special guest speaker, not to be missed.

TrescaireI imagine most will have seen the usual YouTube videos of BASE wingsuiters proximity flying. But what you may not know is that Wallace Halford, a paraglider pilot (don’t hold that against him), who you may have seen on our local hills, has been there since the very beginnings of wingsuit flying. Join us as Wallace gives a presentation on his experiences from the early days of wingsuit flying.  He will be bringing along his wingsuit to show us how it all works and he has some amazing photos and videos to share as well.


Now that I have whet your appetite, please contact Sean House NOW to book your ticket(s). Partners and friends are more than welcome, the more the merrier.

(Email: or Phone: 01256 889302) to book a place and ensure sufficient catering.

See for location info.

V3 2009

Skysurfers Clean up at BOS 2012!

Skysurfing Club members have dominated this years hang gliding British Open Series with Tim King winning the rigid class and Grant Crossingham winning the flex wing class. Takatoshi Kosaka finished 4th in the rigid class and Bruce Kavanagh and Tony Stephens finished 2nd and 6th respectively in the flex wing class.

For a full list of results please see here.

Parking at Milk Hill, Wiltshire (Thames Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club)

A reminder from Thame Valley:


” Hello All.

I would just like remind everyone that the parking space at the top of Milk Hill is for a maximum of 5 vehicles and that parking on the verges on either side is definitely not allowed, whether or not 5 vehicles are already there. By all means, drive to the top to drop off your passengers and kit before parking at the “overspill” on the verge by the barn at the bottom of the hill (see the site guide The farmer has recently been particularly annoyed by people who were not adhering to this, or deposited their kit in such a way as to obstruct the track.

The whole of the Milk Massif is a both working farmland and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We fly, therefore, between two different sets of permission, either of which could be withdrawn should our actions provide more inconvenience than the environmental impact or financial recompense is worth to either party. Most of us are aware of the requirements and adhere to them, but as a Club, we are all affected by the actions of a few.

Thank you, everyone.

John M
Secretary, TVHGC”