A common rule that is often  disregarded is the inflation of canopies below the barbed wire fence following a slope landing. Inflating a canopy below the fence is strictly forbidden  due to the steepness of the hill in front of the take off area, which prevents landed pilots being visible by those taking off. It is especially hazardous to Hang Glider pilots who have to commit to a take off and once airborne cannot abort. 

Any pilot who slope lands below the barbed wire fence must carry their canopy back over the fence at the stile and then return to the launch area.

BCC Nant y Moel – 20th April 2013 – Richard Chambers


Round one of the BCC (British Clubs Challenge) at Nant y Moel on 20th April 2013. We were moved from Talybont due to stronger than forecast winds and arrived at Nant y Moel to find a great looking sky. It didn’t last too long and the clouds spread out covering much of the ground in shadow. Initially hard work to stay up and difficult to get to base, conditions picked up over the Brecon Beacons and I was at base and cruising. A mistake with my GPS (map was zoomed out!) meant I turned to avoid a danger zone way too early and flew into the leaside of Pen y Fan. The bad sink caused me to deck on the outskirts of Brecon just as a couple of pilots were climbing out over the town. One of them, Alistair Andrews went on to fly 130km!

Still, at 37.7km it is my best UK flight to date, and what amazing scenery to fly over!

Tracklog is at
Photos –


Whitewool – 4th March 2013 – Paul Cashman

Deciding to get the cobwebs out of the wing and spotting the sun being around for the week on a couple of days for a change, I just had to “work from home” on one day.

RASP was showing +325fpm for Monday with the night day temp difference showing 8 to 10 degrees so that was looking like the day. 10mph E, maybe going SE, so I decided to run along to Whitewool just in case.

After sorting out work so I wasn’t missed, I managed to set off about midday, getting to Whitewool about 12:40 or so. I met Russ who was very happy to see me so that we could both fly… good to have someone else about at the start f these spring days.

A fifteen minute assessment showed that the gusts weren’t that gusty, building up nicely and dropping off slowly, at no point too strong.

The wing was rolled out, checked and we took off pretty much together. The thermals were rolling up the hill nicely, it wasn’t long before I was +500ft. Russ was maintaining well, more out front it seemed. Every time I pushed forward to join him I was met with lift and well one has to tun in lift! Before I knew it, +900ft had been achieved and I was a bit behind the road at the back of take off. Decision made then, the next bubble took me with it.

The walkers on Old Winchester Hill were having a good stare, hopefully some new recruits there.

Before long the lift broke down and I was off. That was the last time the vario made a noise of any kind and alas, 3km later I’d landed. I think that#s the first time on an XC that my sink alarm hasn’t gone off!

About an hour later after a couple of calls, Russ showed what a gentleman he was and he saved me the last of what was starting to feel like a fairly long walk back!

The hill wasn’t blown out when we got back, however, the gusts were a bit stronger and much longer in duration. After deciding to pack up, everything dropped off almost to nothing so we set off and the beer will have been well earned tonight.

Well met Russ and what a welcome to 2013, let’s hope it’s a good one.


Clowes Brothers Everest Summit Talk 20th March 2013

On May 18th 2006, at 7.45am, Skysurfing Club members Tom and Ben Clowes became the first British brothers to summit Mount Everest together.

Now you get the chance to listen to Tom retell the awe-inspiring account of his epic Everest adventure. Ticket sales are in aid of Harting C.E. Primary School and are on sale now at Harting Stores, Harting Post Office and Harting School office. Flyer


Wednesday 20th March 2013 at 7.30pm

Harting C.E. Primary School, South Harting

£10 advance, £12 on the door

In aid of Harting C.E. Primary School

Box office enquiries : 01730 825 722 or

Skysurfing Club Prize Giving

An event not to be missed, the annual Skysurfing Club prize giving! Come and celebrate our members successes, tickets are just £5 and that includes a hot buffet and a presentation by a very special guest speaker, not to be missed.

TrescaireI imagine most will have seen the usual YouTube videos of BASE wingsuiters proximity flying. But what you may not know is that Wallace Halford, a paraglider pilot (don’t hold that against him), who you may have seen on our local hills, has been there since the very beginnings of wingsuit flying. Join us as Wallace gives a presentation on his experiences from the early days of wingsuit flying.  He will be bringing along his wingsuit to show us how it all works and he has some amazing photos and videos to share as well.


Now that I have whet your appetite, please contact Sean House NOW to book your ticket(s). Partners and friends are more than welcome, the more the merrier.

(Email: or Phone: 01256 889302) to book a place and ensure sufficient catering.

See for location info.

V3 2009

Mercury – 14 November 2012 (Nick Wood)

I arrived at Mercury at around 11am with the wind dead on the hill, probably at around 12kts. No one was around at this time, so played around a bit with some ground handling, then some short take off and landings, staying launch side of the fence as I hadn’t flown the site for about 2 years. Had a lovely time with some quick short beats and touch and go landings, even walking on top of the fence (wasn’t really planned, but it worked out alright).

After about an hour no one turned up so I decided to start launching. The wind was still on, maybe a tad to the north but stable. The air was a little buoyant, so managed to get above the hill and look towards Whitewool to see two PGs bobbing around. I was tempted to land and join them, but I was having too much fun, gaining height swooping the fence, touch and go landings and general good flying.

With 3 hours or so on my own, with just a few modellers to keep an eye on, Lawrence from TVHG turned up, just as I landed. The wind had dropped a little by then so was beginning to get scratchy. I had some close shaves with the fence, so I was about to go to join the Whitewool PGs.

I decided to stay with Lawrence and we spent another hour scratching around, two Gliders in the air at the same time was a bit tight.

The sun was getting low now, with it behind the landing area, which made it a bit tricky to see the hill sometimes, which is when I saw the silhouette of Mark on his ozone speedster, making 3 on the hill. by this time the wind had dropped a bit more but there was a bit of lift now and again. The hill was starting to get into shadow, so we all started packing up.

In all I had 4 hours of flying on a beautiful autumn day – well worth taking the day off work..

Nick Wood