Mercury 21st march 2012

Arrived at mercury at 0830am it was on.
Xc weather said it will be east 8mph  untill 0900 and then it will become south untill 1500 9mph

Took off and flew for 37 mins my longest flight yet and highest as i only became a cp on 11th march 🙂

Sure enough the wind went south at 9ish so I waited in anticipation. Pat turned up another low airtimer,and an hour or so later it was on again ( earlier than xc weather expected)

Graham Griffiths showed up whilst I was in the air and shared tips with me. Thanks for that as a red ribbon pilot you need to listen to everyone and everything,nothing is to much information I think!

Anyway I had 9 flights altogether totalling 3 hours of great flying. Thanks To everyone who was at mercury today I appreciate.


Nick Day

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