Harting 6th April

Well after much puzzlement over where to go I settled on heading to Harting for a few hours. I arrived on the hill about 10am to find five others set up and flying James, James RJ and two guys from the southern club, and another guy much like me just arrived.. (sorry cr@p at names) this was when the sky started to get active 🙂 as the cold overnight air was being pushed out by the approaching warm front and the small thermals that were forming amongst this where smashed up nicely. I chose to sit it out for a while until it became a bit calmer as did the guys flying after some interesting landings.
Eventually about an hour later it calmed down and we proceeded to take to the sky’s the thermals that were coming through weren’t that well formed at first but still gave promise. After a couple of beats I noticed that James had started heading off around the front of the hill towards Treyford. RJ and myself headed round to the bowl at the left of takeoff. I noticed that RJ had hooked himself into a nice thermal and was aprox 70 ft above me so I followed him in and proceeded to climb. I’m not sure if RJ the lost it as he went forward of the hill but I stayed with it adjusting my track forward in the thermal as I climbed up over takeoff and through the  100ft above. The lumpiness now left behind I could concentrate on coreing this beautiful thermal that saw me leaving everyone below passing through the 2000ft mark a sail plane from lasham came past for a look but I just carried on climbing even leaving him behind and skimming off over to the others that were thermaling further along the ridge. I was now heading up to 3000ft and looking down wind towards the sea I checked my position. Just passing over the back line of the trees at the back of the hill where the road comes out into farmland. Down wind didn’t look very inviting the smoke from fires down there was heading back inland (sea breeze). So I looked over to treyford and noted a wing on the hill, so decided to go for it. Still in a mixture of climbs and sink I went on glide the occasional use of speed bar to push through the sink I noticed that Jan was just landing out behind the hill, so the wing that was still sat on Treyford must be James. I landed on the hill about 30ft below the top and was greeted by a very pleased James. He then took off but ended up bottom landing I had a short hop and started packing up just as Jan arrived back on the hill. He then had a quick fight which saw him landing back at his car with the offer of a lift back to Harting once I got there. In all a wonderful day big thanks once again to Jan for the lift.
Heres the link to my track log if you fancy flying to Treyford the back route http://www.xcleague.com/xc/flights/2012528.html?vx=28

Nigel B

One thought on “Harting 6th April

  1. Nigel, nice to see some active flying had! It was an interesting day, with people flying from Combe to Treyford! as well as those flying at Bell and Monks. All in all, I had a nice day at Monks, chosen as the wind direction wasn’t certain. It clagged in at 2:30, a bit later than some other sites. Some got away. Personally I got +500 ft and no more. The air was nice, I heard it was a bit more demanding elsewhere. Let’s hope for an excellent season!

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